Saturday, July 27, 2013

DirectTV & L.A. Times- Fraud, Scam, Deceit, Racket, Deception

Direct T.V., Time Warner & L.A. Times involved in fraudulent activities. I've been getting misrepresented news and or ads in my newspapers and Direct T.V. The guide for shows is misrepresented and missing shows.  

Sunday, July 14, 2013


In A Galaxy  Here  &  Now,  their is a galactic war/battle 
for your total consciousness, 
The Soul.......                                       it's spiritual.

Human Beings are used for energy 
(soul pieces/fragmented consciousness) to fuel intentions on this planet, throughout the universes and alternate realities.

Our entire soul's existence through Time is calculated algorithmically 
by super duper stormtrooper computers. 

Simulationism & skisms. 

 O yeah, the robotdronemanchines.......
       I remember now.................................
Full summary soon.... until then....

An oath of Total Personal Responsibility.

 "The Art of Almost

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hola! Anunnaki

Anunnaki skeletons with elongated craniums unearthed this week near Mexico city. This Anunnaki Being is probably thousands of years old if not maybe hundreds of thousands of years old or even millions. Ancient Aliens first episode tonight, this season has to do with the pyramids on The History Channel.

(Notice the resemblance of the head shape in the pictures below. Taken while I was in France at the Louvre).

Timeline unfolding. dang super computers controlling Alter Personality's - Agents/Robots around my house and in my neighborhood.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anunnaki Artifacts @

    Louvre Museum
     12-15 ft. tall           

The Great Hopi Native American's homage to whom?
Why are they wearing long dark beards?
The color of the earth in the south western region of N.America
 is the same as on Nibiru, golden skies beauty.

The Spirit vs. the Robots

(click to enlarge) The Robot/Man is being accessed via an  interface(Implant) from a super computer that is Off World. That's me in the kayak.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brief Summary

Time-line Warfare is a war through time tracking reincarnations. This is an exotic mind/soul control program. They have super computers that are faster then the speed of light thus being able to go back in time. They are trying to slow down my time-line or reality and make it as difficult as possible for me to spiritually develop.

The culprit's are and or have been Reptilians, Grey's and Masonic establishments ie; all branches of the military, and intelligence agencies. Some of The Gods that have been in our planets mythological stories are part of this entire Timeline warfare campaign. They've got the most wild technology's you can imagine.

The brief explanation of a soul piece is this. A piece of your consciousness that has been fragmented through trauma. Soul pieces can be found in Grey ships. underground basis. gov. agencies etc. People have each others soul pieces.

an honest shaman or soul recovery practitioner can recover them as long as your ready to heal.  everyone has their pieces in ships or bases or computers. the energy from the soul piece is used for something else. you have no idea. the benefit to having your soul pieces recovered varies because of the trauma and action and or contract that was made in previous lives. you may get certain psychic abilities. you may heal emotional, mentally and spiritual blockages cleared. we were all born into creation whole. then we experience lifetimes and traumas so we can learn and grow. this healing art is thee most  important skill to have while in this creation. That's why the Native American's and indigenous people all over the planet have been through so much.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

*The Heavenly Catalyst*

We will now show you the Shamanic Method to construct a group of thoughts into a psychic form which will serve as a Catalyst of change to all it touches. The components and the creation of the Heavenly Catalyst are outlined here. You can use this tool at all times to test the truth of a source, soul piece, guide, location, or event. The Catalyst is formed of and with the following intentions:
To create the “Heavenly Catalyst” simply hold your left hand palm up on your lap and suspend your right hand 6 inches over the left hand. Visualize a 4 inch Sphere of Light suspended an inch over your left hand, between both palms.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, and as you exhale gently, repeat in your mind or out loud; “ I am Love and Kindness and I accept only Love and Kindness”.

As you exhale feel your breath and intention moving down your right arm and into the sphere of Light in your Left hand.

Next repeat again “With this breath I create this sphere of light with Love and Kindness for all Beings.”

Their is a reason for this particular alignment. Repeat through the entire list one after the other; With this breath I create this Sphere of Light with__________

1) Total Personal Responsibility
For all words, deeds & thoughts ever created in any lifetime

2) Loving-Kindness for all Beings

3) Forgiveness and Release of all Beings
Unconditional Forgiveness of all Beings, Relatives and Relationships in all lifetimes

4) Seed of Devotion and Enlightenment
Reconnection to the Authentic Self and the Source of all Love/Consciousness

5) Soul Recovery from all Lifetimes (Call them back)
Return of all Soul Pieces from all Space/Time/ Realities/People[Groups]/Aliens/the Gods

6) Cancel all realities not of my highest good

7) Spell and Contract Cancel from all Lifetimes
All Contracts, Vows, Spells and Agreements you may have
entered into that is NOT for your Highest Good.

8) Cancel All self curses(sabotage) and/or double trap curses

9) Freedom From Mind Control
Awareness of what are my thoughts and what are not

10) Personal Freewill to move toward the Highest Truth

11) Everything in the Best Way Possible

12) Transition to the Highest Truth in the best way possible

When you have finished with the list, compress (push your hands close together “see” the sphere being made more dense by your hand pressure. Feel the sphere as if it were a solid piece of steel. Hold the sphere of Light on both palms, bring up to face and breathe it into the core of your authentic self. See it within yourself. You are this light.

Now you are ready to practice using the “Catalyst/ Sphere”, which may be thrown or radiated towards any Being (in person or spirit) whether or not they can accept Love at the moment. Delivering the Light to the core of any Being gradually changes the Being by virtue of the intentions you have set for the highest good of all Beings.

Take a deep breath and visualize standing in the palm of your left hand is a relative or friend that needs help right now. Hold your right hand over the person and drop the Sphere from your right hand. See the sphere touching them and being absorbed by the targeted authentic self. Repeat this action with the Heavenly Catalyst to other relatives and relationships as often as possible. Love can be given to all. And this sphere contains the elements required to rekindle the spark the Authentic Self. If the Original Free Will with Total Personal responsibility could be restored we could truly create in Love and Kindness for the highest good of all beings.